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Question: In case I find the quote price in your website is different than the price gotten from the vendor’s website, whom should I contact to rectify the issue, PCBpriceScanner.com or the vendor’s website webmaster?

Answer: It should be very rare to get 2 different feedback prices if the PCB specification you select in this website is same as the vendor’s website specification you fill. In case you meet this type problem, please contact us with detail information, we will work with the PCB vendor to fix the problem as soon as possible. All other PCB customers will highly appreciate your help, too.

Question: If I write and publish a PCB vendor review in your website, can other customers or PCB vendors find my email address from your website?

Answer: Absolutely not. Your email address will not be shown on the webpage, and we will not provide any customer email addresses to any person or organization.

Question: Does your website open to all PCB vendor quote prices if they want to take part in, or only accept the current PCB vendor prices listed in your website?

Answer: Before getting to the scanner search engine work ability limitation, this website opens to all PCB vendor website quote price system. But the vendor’s quote price system must work correctly with our scanner search engine without any technical problem.

Question: To scan PCB prices, except the quantity 1200 PCBs, do you have any other limitation for scanning PCB prices?

Answer: Yes, there is. It is the total PCB area limitation. Most PCB vendor quote price formulas work pretty well for small and middle size PCB orders. But for very large size order, vendors like to communicate with you to win your order with special reduced price. In short, for large size order, the online quote prices are no more reliable, so we have a large total PCB area limitation.

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